Sarah was born and raised in the Roanoke area and started Pumpernickel Pickle with her husband in 2012. Her life revolves around her husband, her clients, a Chinese Crested named Ziggy Stardust, and a fat cat named Plato. She loves foreign films, especially steamy ones! Her favorite film is All that Jazz!  Her favorite musician is Tori Amos. Her main hobby is genealogy and is a direct descendant of chief Powhatan , a distant cousin of Johnny Cash, and a proud Scottish Clan Lamont member. Sarah's passion is using her company as a vehicle to spread happiness and philanthropy, including support to our LGBT community and the SPCA. She was sorted into Ravenclaw.




Amina pic.jpg


Amina is one of our event planners and hails from Stuttgart Germany! Growing up ,she loved maultaschen and loathed anything spicy, though she absolutely loves the spice now! You will find our girl working hard with a mimosa in hand. Her favorite famous wedding dress was Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen gown, even though she herself had a crush on Prince Willliam!  Amina is a Hufflepuff and considers Cleopatra as her most admired historical figure. When Amina isn't helping to put on fabulous events, she enjoys spending time with her husband and little girl.



Kellie is our wedding planner, and event director extraordinaire! Logistics and tacos are two of her favorite things! Give her a beach, a cold beer, and some Kenny Chesney and this girl is in paradise  Kellie's world revolves around her hubby Brian, and their 3 kids. She has a doggie named Chesney and an old mean cat named Bubbles.



Willie started his culinary journey in his grandmother's kitchen at a young age in the small town of Richlands Virginia. Willie loathed eggs or any vegetable as a child and considers macaroni and cheese his favorite food as an adult. A musician, his musical tastes range from solo bassists, Twisted Sister, and Michael Jackson. He is an enthusiastic cookbook collector and his favorite movie is Fargo. Willie's passion is using his company as a creative outlet and using his improvisational and problem solving skills to make events successful. He is a true Gryffindor.



Martha is our one woman Human Resources department, though sometimes you will catch her in the kitchen. She can bang out sliders like nobody's business and her signature pecan tarts will be the best you have ever had! Her dream vacation is sipping merlot beside any white sandy beach, while reading John Grisham and listening to U2.


Paul is one of our master bartenders and considers cocktail hour to be his favorite part of weddings! Born in Roanoke, Paul has a bachelors in Social Work and moonlights at Pumpernickel Pickle because he enjoys taking care of guests. He can make cheesecake better than anybody! His favorite musician is the lovely Stevie Nicks and Interview with a Vampire is his favorite novel. Bella, his beloved Weiner, and his mother Carol are the loves of his life.



Matt is one of the Pickle's main chefs and has been with us the longest! Born in North Carolina, his favorite thing to eat as a kid was an all American hot dog. That macaroni and cheese of ours that you love so much? Matt made that, as he prepares that dish better than anyone else! Matt's dream vacation is relaxing at Holden Beach with a White Russian in hand! He totally roots for House Targaryen and is one of our three Slytherin House employees. Martin Luther King is his most admired historical figure and his favorite movie is Flight of the Navigator. But, most dear to his heart is his precious little one Natalie and he is a most super amazing dad!