Melissa and Jason dedicate their entire lives to helping others, and their love for each other is as big as their hearts. It was easy to want to take care of these two wonderful people and their families for this special day that they waited to long to celebrate. These details were completely planned by the couple, and we think this is such a wonderful example of a DIY gone the right way! We also think that the menu the couple planned is a perfect example of how to take country goodness and make it a meal to remember.

What is more southern than buttermilk fried chicken? Cocktail hour featured our fried chicken and maple donut bites alongside our delicious lump  crab cake sliders with a country remoulade sauce. Main entrees were a beef medallion with a Dijon pan sauce, our chicken saltimbocca with a roasted garlic white wine sauce, sage, and Virginia cured ham paired with fresh grilled vegetables, creamy macaroni and cheese, and a buttery whipped/ sweet potato combo with a toppings selection that included crispy pan fried BACON!