When I first spoke with Pearl's dad, I have to admit I was a little intimidated. This is a family of foodies. They know good food and they are adventurous eaters. So we had to come up with a balance: food that both satisfied their adventurous side, but also wasn't so far out there so that a large guest list would all find something they loved. We also wanted a menu that married perfectly with the rustic setting at Sinkland Farms and paired well with wines offered. 

After a beautiful ceremony at their home, guests made their way to Sinkland where we passed mango shrimp lollipops, and a ricotta crostini with sliced grape tomatoes and basil, finished with a drizzle of olive oil. A bountiful antipasto display featured an array of cured meats and dried sausages, cheeses, breads, and spreads such as, salami, prosciutto, jalapeno beef sausage, buffalo mozzarella, manchego cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated olives, roasted spiced chickpeas, oven roasted seasoned sweet potato spears, pepperoncini, marinated bell peppers,  artisan crusty breads, herbes de Provence olive oil dip, muhammara, and chili jam.
  Mission figs in a rich balsamic glaze, wrapped with apple wood smoked bacon and a succulent crab meat blended with parmesan cheese in a rich and velvety old bay-sherry cream sauce served hot with toasted pita chips rounded off the spread

Dinner started off with a baby green garden salad, pre-plated on our own vintage china. The entrees included a grilled salmon finished with a smoky chipotle BBQ sauce served over thin sliced squash and zucchini noodles and an air dried Angus tenderloin carving station, grilled to medium rare with choices of cherry cabernet demi-glace, béarnaise aioli, whole grain Dijon tamarind sauce, served with freshly baked yeast rolls. Green bean amandine, rosemary and garlic roasted fingerling potatoes,spiced brussels sprouts, and a grilled vegetable medley were offered as sides.

You are sure to be inspired from this celebration!